The Bridge

And as I walked I came to a precipice,
below only void and with another step my end
then under my feet the ground began to crack
and I felt as it started to move
walk back and it would follow until I was caught
then there as I stood I turned
and in the mist I saw a bridge
only the end,
I could not see how long or to where it lead
and as the cracks under my feet grew
I decided I would not stay.

I walked towards the bridge
until I stood at it’s edge
and as I looked into the mist I could not see the end
only the flicker of shadows out in the distance
but if there are shadows there is light
as I trembled I took in a deep breath
and a first step away from the only land I’d ever known
then a another
slow and uneasy
then another and then more
but each more sure than the one before
and as I crossed
in the distance a glow in the mist
that grew brighter with every step

As I came towards the bridge’s end
ahead was more light than I had ever known
then another step
and I set my foot onto new ground
I did not know what was ahead or around
only that there was light
and in the light, myself

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