Of basic layouts, blog names and content

Now to get things properly going. Yes the layout on the blog is basic, but it’s not going to stay that way. Going to get something nice and suitable set up eventually. Something a bit extra. I just figured I need to get going before I spend forever tweaking things.

As for the blog name, it’s a word play. And like the best word plays it has layers, like a parfait or an ogre. Most obviously it’s a play on rad fem, short for radical feminist. Which in some ways I am, though not in the militant way or any exactly conventional way. It’s also a play, a double, on radical femme. Radical in the usual sense and in the 80s sense, like totally radical. And as for femme, well that would be just one of the many terms I can use to describe myself. On the butch-femme scale, if butch is the left part, and femme the right, I’m pretty darn far on the right.

Now for the good stuff, what I’m going to write about. Everything. Because that’s just how my mind works. So expect everything from general in the news stuff, feminist commentary, general social commentary, trans issue stuff, lesbian issue stuff, general LGBT issue stuff, sports, various sci-tech, movies, TV, music, clothes, stuff about me and my life, and whatever else comes to mind. And even if some of that sounds like weighty stuff, doesn’t mean I write about it that way. There’s always attitude, some scathing wit and sarcasm is just another quality service I offer.

And up top, see the Facebook and Twitter buttons? Those take you to the Facebook page and Twitter account I have, so knock yourself out and follow. The Twitter is going to be less page-centric than the Facebook page, which is basically just for this page. The Twitter, well that’s for this page and general Twittage.

Now that this is out of the way I can get going. As for how often I’ll post, I plan on being regular, maybe not every day, some days maybe more than once. But with as much as I have to cover, I will not be short for things to write abut. Ever.

Now kick back, grab a beverage and let’s go.

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